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Fisher House Foundation
Providing a “home away from home” for military families to be close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury.  Click here to LEARN MORE

Fisher House has a special place in our hearts as we have had the privilege to have used the Fisher House at Fort Hood, TX.

The photo above is The Fisher House located at Fort Hood, TX near the Darnall Army Medical Center.

David and Karen Hodgdon became guests of Fisher House on their wedding.  When the Hodgdon’s married – Karen, was a helicopter crew chief serving with the U.S. Army’s First Calvary unit stationed at Fort Hood  During her honeymoon Karen developed meningitis.  When it became apparent that the 105 degree plus fever and headaches were not going away Karen reported to the TMC (Troop Medical Clinic).  A sharp flight surgeon made a quick and swift diagnosis which proved to save Karen’s life.  The Flight Surgeon realized that Karen was in the advanced stages of meningitis.  So advanced and sick was Karen that if left untreated she only had minutes to live.Representative Photo U.S. Army Capt. Bianco Bernardo, from Orlando, Fla., and U.S. Army Sgt. Christie Botello, from Dallas, Texas, both assigned to Charlie Company, 27th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division clean the teeth of a U.S. Soldier in the Troop Medical Center in Contingency Operating Site Marez, Iraq, Oct. 26, 2010. The TMC serviced a wide range of patients and variations of ailments that may arise in deployed personnel. - From dvidshub.net

Instantaneously the entire TMC became active and alive with medical personnel springing into action all focus and attention was on my wife. The Flight Surgeon managed phone calls, arraignments for evac, communications with me and coordinating rescue efforts for Karen herself and much more all with confidence and ease.  I can only contribute his success to his professionalism and training.  Like lightening – ambulances arrived, evacuated Karen to the Emergency Room at Darnall Army Hospital where the dedicated medical staff was waiting her arrival. The nursing staff and doctors jumped into action the second Karen arrived and spared no expense or effort to work to save her life. For quite a while it appeared to be touch and go for Karen.

As a testimony to the commitment and quality of the military medical establishment and the medical professionals at the TMC and Darnall Army Medical Center, my wife was saved and has made a full recovery.  Karen went on to finish her military career and is now a Teacher and mother of our wonderful son and daughter.

What and who is the Fisher House Foundation?  The Fisher House Foundation is best described as a “home away from home” for military personnel and their families during a medical crisis.  Fisher House is the product of the actions of Pauline Trost and the vision and efforts of Zachary Fisher.  Their story can be read here – Fisher House Beginnings.

“No family pays to stay at any Fisher House!”

The Fisher House was instrumental in helping our families cope with this situation.

The Fisher House was a beacon of light in the chaos of darkness. Karen’s illness was so sudden and events happened so fast that family members had little time to prepare.  Family members began to converge on Fort Hood almost immediately many with little more than the clothing on their backs due to the urgency of the medical situation. Karen was in such advanced stages of her illness that it was unknown if she was going to recover or not, we as a family were unprepared for this medical crisis. Lodging – temporary or extended was not something that anyone had given much thought about. Fort Hood being the one of the largest military installations in the United States is bewildering to many if for nothing else other than because of its sheer size alone. The people at Fisher House were there to take all of us military and non-military personnel by the hand and walk us through the process of learning and coping with medical services the military way.

The offer from Fisher House to provide lodging, advice and assistance was totally unexpected and made all the difference in our ability to develop a positive experience from a very serious and scary situation. The Fisher House gave our family a place to regroup, gather our thoughts and to plan for the future. Fisher House has forever found a place in our hearts as one of the organizations that we feel proud to support.

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The Texas Training Crew is a proud supporter of the Fisher House Foundation.  The Fisher House Foundation was there for us when we needed them and to repay a debt of gratitude the Texas Training Crew supports the Fisher House Foundation.

As with any organization the Fisher House Foundation is always in need of funds.  Cash donations are graciously accepted but other forms of donations are also accepted.  To donate and/or contribute to the Fisher House Foundation please review their donations page on their web site or call the Fisher House directly at (888) 294-8560.

The Fisher House Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Please give back and help support our troops, if it was not for our troops we could never have the freedom we have all come to appreciate.

Information about the Fort Hood Darnall Army Hospital Fisher House – click here.