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NRA Home Firearm Safety

Non-shooting course which teaches students the basic knowledge, skills, and to explain the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of firearms and ammunition in the home.

A four-hour course that addresses safe gun handling, care and storage.  The course is conducted in the classroom only. Students are taught NRA’s three rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of firearms accidents; firearm parts; how to unload certain action types; ammunition components; cleaning; care; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports.

Students will receive:

  • NRA Home Firearm Safety handbook
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure
  • Basic Firearm Training Program brochure
  • Course completion certificate

Course cost is $45.00 per person **

Who might benefit from this course?  Anyone who uses or is exposed to firearms in any manner.  Non-firearm individuals, novices and experts alike can benifit from the NRA home firearms safety course as the TTC believes no one quits learning.  Even if you have been around firearms all your life you will learn something from this course that you can take with you that will make you more aware of firearms and firearm safety.

Non-firearm parents of children will learn from this course how to identify firearms and to render them safe to protect their children and others.

** Price for course is per individual, there are discounts for multiple students and/or organizations that represent multiple individuals seeking training at the same time.