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NRA Range Safety Officer

Range Safety Officer or RSO is one of the most sought after courses available.  Anyone involved with firearms from casual shooting to sport shooting and law enforcement can benefit from the Range Safety Officer Course.

This course develops NRA Certified Range Safety Officers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

This course is nine hours long and is conducted in a classroom and at a shooting facility. Range Safety Officer candidates will learn roles and responsibilities of an RSO; Range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); range inspection; range rules; range briefings; emergency procedures; and firearm stoppages and malfunctions. Each Range Safety Officer Candidate will receive an RSO Student Study Guide, a Basic Firearm Training Program brochure, an NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, an Instructor Application/Course Evaluation form.

This class is also required by the Boy Scouts of America for involvement in Shooting events that take place during BSA events.  The Texas Training Crew has people on staff that are directly involved with the Boy Scouts of American and can help answer any questions you might have about the RSO training, courses and qualifications.

Course cost is $125.00 per person*, **.

Student will receive course materials that include:

  • RSO Student Study Guide / Handbook
  • Basic Firearm Training Program Brochure
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules Brochure
  • Instructor Application Course Evaluation Form.

* Course Price does not include NRA fee’s for processing your application.
To obtain the NRA RSO Rating – You DO NOT have to be a member of the NRA, you DO NOT have to become a member of the NRA

** Price for course is per individual, there are discounts for multiple students and/or organizations that represent multiple individuals seeking training at the same time.