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Rusty Mayes

Rusty Mayes

Flowermound, TX

Rusty has dedicated his entire life to the field of security and security systems.  By trade Rusty is a Security consultant and systems integrater.  As a security systems integrater Rusty has designing some of the most sophisticated security systems in North Texas.

Rusty’s personality is ideally suited as an instructor and his years of experience give him great incite that he is able to incorporate into his teaching style.  Always happy and cheerful Rusty has a demeanor about him that seems to appeal to all audiences and a teaching style that captivates his students.

An accomplished marksman with a love for firearms and shooting sports was instrumental in Rusty becoming a Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor to better serve his clients.

Another way that Rusty gives back is he is the official Santa Clause at the Dallas Meyerson Symphony Center.  He spreads cheer and joy to all the Symphony patrons and children through out the month of December each year.

Rusty specializes in teaching the Texas Concealed Handgun License class and has been instructing for several years to a very select clientele that demands professionalism and discretion.  Rusty’s classes are generally taught onsite at the students location but as a member of the TTC we do have classroom facilities available.

When not teaching or working, Rusty spends most of his time with his wife and their two sons.