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Robert Newman

rnewman-1Robert Newman
Ferris, TX

Robert is known at the gun shows as the go to guy for ammo.  A long time shooter and shooting sports enthusiast Robert has taken his hobby to new heights.  Robert is carved a niche for himself as an ammunition expert.  If it is ammunition Robert has the information and most likely the ammunition itself.

Robert’s passion for Ammuntion and collecting is illustrated by his membership with the Dallas Arms Collectors Assoctiation.  You may also find Robert selling at his permanent table at all DACA Market Hall Gun Shows.

In a class we were having someone mentioned Wanda brand shotgun shells and how they were unique in that the shot shell case was transparent.  During break members of the class went stright to Robert, who low and behold had Wanda shotgun shells for sale right there in various gauges.

Robert is a member of the Texas Training Crew and is our ammunition expert.  He supports our group by locating odd and obsolete training aids and ammunition.

Wanda translucent 20 Ga., shot shell – photo by CutlersCove.com

The TTC is honored to have Robert as part of our team.  Robert also buys old ammo, so if you have old ammo that you would like to sell or convert into something you can use give Robert a call.

Robert’s web site is xyz.com

Some of the services Robert offers are:

Ammunition Grading and appraisal services
Ammunition Consulting
Ammunition sales
Ammunition buying
Consignment Sales
Ammunition Disposal