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How to Register for a course on the NRA website

The NRA now facilitates registration of NRA courses online.

The online registration is a great step forward but sometimessample of summary essay on why college athletes should be paid it is still be bit confusing for the student trying to register for a NRA class.

We have developed this page in an effort to provide instructions for registration that will assist students to ensure the registration process is quick and painless.


Once the decision has been made to take a NRA course the firstessay proof reader place to start is at the NRA website.

The direct link is http://nrainstructors.org, or you can simply Google “nra instructors” and Google will display the correct link as the first result on the list.

Once on the nrainstructors.org website you will see the following home page:


On the menu directly under the header of the page you will see the first selection available “Find a Course” select this link.


You will come to the “Find a Course” page.

Under STEP 1:  Select the course you want to take.

For this example we are using NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course

Under STEP 2: Input your zip code, distance to search and press “SEARCH”


Courses that meet the search criteria will be displayed

Select the course that is close to you and your location.

If you are specifically seeking a course taught by a Texas Training Crew member you might have to look at several courses listed.

NOT all courses listed are taught by TTC members and we do NOT endorse other instructors.

Select “Click for details”


Once you choose “Click for details” a “pop up” page will appear.

The “pop up” page will display the actual course information.

In this example the Instructor is “William Crowe” who is a TTC instructor.

The address of the class is in the TTC classroom in Royse City, TX.



Below the course details you will find a downloadable form if they are applicable to the given course.

You will need to download this form and save it so that you may complete the form before attending class.

Most forms will be presented in Adobe .pdf format.

When you hover your mouse near the bottom of the form or attachment a tool bar will appear on top of the form.

Click on the floppy disk icon and it will give you the option to save the file or form to your computer.


After reviewing the course information and downloading the applicable forms.

You will need to scroll down and you will see a button that says “Sign up for the class”.

Click this button to sign up.


The next page that comes up is the actual registration form.

Insert your personal information into this form.


Once you have filled out the form with the proper information you need to click on the button “Register Student”

You will need to complete this process for each person who seeks to attend the class if there are more than one student in your party.


After Registering your will receive a confirmation of your reservation.

At this point you are finished unless there are other instructions presented to you.

Some Instructors require a down payment to reserve your spot in a course.