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About the TTC


The Texas Training Crew provides professional training solutions for discriminating students seeking the finest in accredited training.

With the changing times and proliferation of the License To Carry – LTC, formally Concealed Carry License – CHL a demonstrated need for further training in Personal Protection as well as Firearms safety and handling has become a paramount.

The TTC was created to unite qualified Instructors so they might share common goals and resources to provide professional training.  While individual Instructors abound, we found that it was hard for the public to locate instructors that can provide all aspects of training from beginners through advanced and specialized courses, so to fill the gap the TTC was formed to bring together the best of instructors with the largest offerings of training available.

When searching for individual Personal Protection and Firearms training all too often one finds “tactical training” and “Black” weapons training that be best suited for Law Enforcement, military and Security Professionals.  While there is a definite place for the “Black arts”, and “Black guns”, the average student will benefit most from practical hands on personal training tailored to the daily lifestyle and activities we as individuals experience every day.

Our expertise is in providing professional training solutions ranging from personal awareness strategies up through personal protection plans.  The flagship course for personal awareness is the Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar.  Other courses we offer cover all levels of training from basic through advanced classes.

In addition to Personal Protection, Firearms safety and skills training is available for all levels of students.  New to firearms – we can start with the basics and counsel students through to advanced training and beyond.  Many TTC classes are NRA Certified and geared toward the average citizen, but… for those seeking the most advanced training and tactical solutions we do have accredited instructors that can provide the highest level of training available, including counter terrorism training.

Individual training and personal protection plans are available.  You, the student, are the most important aspect of any training we specialize in training to meet your needs.

If you need professional instructors committed to providing the highest level of training call the TTC now.

If you take one of our courses and walk away feeling you have not learned more than you knew before you came in or feeling you did not get your moneys worth – we will be happy to refund your money or work with you to locate another Instructor that will help you maximize your learning potential.

Call TTC – (214) 444-8821